Who We Are?

Western Carolina Home Inspections, L.L.C. is a licensed and insured Home Inspection agency. We hope we can be of assistance to you with the purchase of your next home. Be a knowledgeable buyer, and have a licensed home inspector provide you with a better understanding of the property conditions with a thorough inspection.

Why you need an inspection

NAHI Virtual Home Inspection Tour

The NAHI Virtual Home Inspection Tour is here! This comprehensive tour has eight sections that display photographic examples and audio clips of what a home inspector may inspect during his/her inspection. Audio scripts and photographs were written and chosen based on NAHI's Standards of Practice. Users will have the ability to move from one section to another, view relevant photographs, and listen to audio clips that explain and describe what a home inspector may be looking for while doing an inspection. This tour will help homeowners better understand the processes and procedures that every NAHI home inspector follows while inspecting a home.

Try out the NAHI Virtual Home Inspection Tour

Please note the following items:

  • The audio and video are not tied together so if you mute the audio, the video will still scroll through the photographs in a loop.

  • When you click from one section to another (ex. Garage to Exterior to Plumbing to Garage), the audio will begin where it left off when you clicked away previously.

  • If you encounter errors while playing the tour or have feedback on how to improve it, please email info@nahi.org.

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    Located just about one mile West of historic Murphy in the community of Peachtree, North Carolina.

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